Diamond Forming Machine Model # DFM-20

Ideal to make diamond plate for truck door & catering truck and kitchen

Standard Pattern, 4’x4’ Diamond Embossed Pattern with Machine


  • Capacity 50″ x 20 Ga. Stainless steel
  • Main motor 2HP, 110V
  • Variable Speeds
  • Infeed Table W/Side gauge
  • Machine weight 1,650 lbs
  • Dimensions: 63″ x 53″ x 43″

  Model# DFM-20, 50” x 20Ga, 2 HP, 110V


Diamond Embossed Pattern

Subway Embossed Pattern

Herringbone Embossed Pattern

Hopscotch Embossed Pattern

Traditional basket Weave

Double-weave Basket weave

Double Single Basket Weave

Diamond- Square Embossed

Squaring Grid Embossed